First and foremost, we strive to deliver our customers a safe, exciting, personal experience of all the beauty Sedona offers. Ebikes allows the average person — who isn’t in the physical condition needed to experience the Sedona’s splendors on a regular bike — to have that up-close experience.

With that in mind, our Ebikes are sized for a wide variety of persons, and our equipment is maintained for safety and performance after each ride, fully charged to allow for seeing the many sites within Sedona’s city limits. Our personable and professional staff assists each customer choose equipment that will uniquely accommodate their safety, preference and comfort, with the goal of providing a safe and pleasant experience you will want to repeat again and again. We provide personal instruction to insure you will feel confident and have a great experience!

EZRider’s fleet of EBikes are from a reputable manufacturer are sanitized and inspected after each rider returns to ensure the equipment is in pristine condition.

Our hope is to do all we can to allow you to actually participate and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Red Rocks of Sedona in a safe and controllable manner.

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Life is good Riding an Electric Bike in Sedona!


Sedona Dry Creek Rd


Lizard Head


EZ riding Girls


Red Rocks Break!


West Sedona


Thunder Mountain


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Pet the Kitty!

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